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Ayu Welirang's Biography


Ayu Welirang is an Indonesian author who is also a DevOps Engineer at the startup company. She starts writing since junior high school, from poetry, short stories, and novelette. Her writings in the form of short stories and poems have been published only on personal blogs and also on Kemudianers community as pseudoname: jayhawkerz.

She also translates some classic literature in her spare time. Her debut novel 7 Divisi was published in 2014 (Grasindo), and she has released several books since then: Februari Ecstasy (2015), Halo Tifa (2016), Rumah Kremasi (2018), Mata Pena (2020), Antologi HISTERY (2020), Not for IT Folks (2022), Double Life (2022), and Sherlock Holmes Pastiches (2022).


She was also a runner-up in #PSA (Publisher Searching for Author) event held by Grasindo. In 2015, her cyber-thriller novel, Cipher, was selected in the Gramedia Writing Project 2 event as a top ten for bootcamp. In 2021, her teenlit was selected as finalist in TWS 2021. And in 2022, her thriller novel with environmental issues was placed as second winner in "Lomba Thriller GPU".