Ayu Welirang was born in Bandung, 23 September. She graduated from Computer Network Engineering and went to university while working in an IT company. She wrote poetry and short stories since junior high, until finally decided to write a more dynamic fiction format. Her writings in the form of short stories and poems have been published only on personal blogs and also on Kemudianers community as pseudoname: jayhawkerz.

She published her collection of poems independently, titled Abstraksi Imaji (2011). In addition to the collection of poetry, a short story entitled Sister Morphin, published as an anthology with some writers from Kampung Fiksi.

In March 2014, her first novel, an adventure novel entitled 7 Divisi was published by Grasindo Publisher. Her second novel, Halo, Tifa was published around 2016 by Gramedia Pustaka Utama. Her first black-comedy anthology, Rumah Kremasi was published by Maneno Books. Her latest book is a crime investigation novel, Mata Pena, a story about young journalist who pursues the truth behind a murder case.

In addition to fiction, she also writes some light essays about music, books, and movie reviews. Some of these essays are published in Kompasiana, Medium, Bandung Music web portal, and also an independent media such as Jakartabeat.Net, Metaruang.com, and Serunai.co.

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