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Welcoming Jekyll, Goodbye Blogspot!

Jekyll was here!

Hi Fellas!

Well, it’s been hard for me today. Since 2PM (Monday, 11 May 2020), i’ve been working on my urgent to-do-list. You can imagine…. me…. being busy the whole day, while PLN annoys me and cut Kuripan’s area electricity.

I’ve been migrating my blogspot or blogger if you prefer to choose that terms, into a simpler and lighter platform. I tried several flat-file CMS before, such as GRAV, Automad, BatFlat, etc, but nothing satisfies me. I continue to search for a better solution and I finally had a crush with this guy, named Jekyll. Served under ruby and its rubygems. And before I notice, for the past 12 hours, I sat in front of my laptop, while fasting, and exhaust my own brains just to make it work.

Hi, Yu! What’s Jekyll?

Some of you maybe familiar with Robert Louis Stevenson’s character, but Jekyll that i mentioned here is not the famous Dr. Jekyll. I’m using Github Pages for now (and maybe will continue to do so), with Jekyll inside. Jekyll works as some kind of backend. For you who aren’t familiar with Jekyll, maybe didn’t want to try this platform, ever… But i should tell you that Jekyll is robust and it could transform your plain text into a static sites and even a blog pages. But, you might waste a lot of time while migrating and re-decorating your new site under Jekyll.

Using Github Pages means you could use markdown language which is easy to learn. Easier than HTML and it’s easier to said “it’s easy” while you also whining all the time about “syntax error”. So, I wouldn’t recommend this platform if you don’t have time to learn and fixing all the error.

Reason for Migrating

The reason is as simple as my new blog theme. I only want to start a new, a fresh, a more minimalistic life. Of course it applies to my blogging life too. I’m fed up with Blogger already, even though I used it since 2009. I also used Wordpress around 2017 - 2018, but I can’t keep up with the payment. God Bless my wallet! And another reason is… I love markdown language! I even contribute to some tech wikis in the past and amazed with the fast loading of its content and images.


Well, this post is only a celebration to the success of Jekyll deployment by me! I’ll keep you update with the tutorial of Blogger to Github Pages migration, but not today… And I should warn you beforehand that the tutorial will have its complexity at its best. :sunglasses:


  • Oh well, so cool! Github Pages also support emojis, you know? I’m still working on the APIs to display it here.
  • I also create some codes and automations in my spare time. Visits Kulacino to use my code freely.
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