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Between the Clear Night, Traffic Jam, and Hypocrisy

Between the Clear Night, Traffic Jam, and Hypocrisy

“Do you know what Minangkabau means?”
“I don’t know.”

“I bet that Kabau means ‘Kerbau’?”

And he laughs. It’s not as expensive as the all jewelry in Cikini gold center, but it’s meaningful. And we spend the night, go through all the sidewalk, find the cheapest and the best coffee shop. Just to talk about random things. About non sense.

“Look, it’s a cafe. I didn’t bring my eyeglasses, so could you read the menu that written on the wall?”

“Where?” he asks.

“There.” I pointed my finger to the cafe while saying that. I really can’t read anything, since i have myopia.

He really look at the cafe, and mention all the menu that written on the cafe’s wall. Like a fool, we stood for a long time in front of the cafe. Because there’s no coffee or any interesting things, we continue our journey. It’s eight o’clock already, but I think it’s too early to sleep, since the sky was so clear. I think it’s best to take a walk and talk about randomness.

As we reach the main street, with trucks, cars, buses, and peoples, I began to sing. It’s Vindicated, you know? One hit that Dashboard Confessional made. I don’t even know why I’m singing that song, but It’s good. I feel like the energy and the sky already meet. It’s like a show.

So, I said, “The street is my stage. Well, what is Vindicated exactly?”

“I don’t know. Hmm, vin--di--ca--ted?”

“It’s strange, isn’t it? We sing a song that we don’t know what it means. But we enjoyed it,” said I.

“Maybe it’s just a good song,” he replies.

He laughs again. I can’t see him laughing, but I knew it. Every time he laughs, his eyes turn to a line, with no eyelid. And he always said that he is a Chinese, with that eyes. But it doesn’t matter, since he is the one that give me applause in the middle of a traffic jam.

People may say that we’re just a fool. But we enjoyed it. As we say, this street is our stage. And then he said, “Ah! I forgot to bring my feather duster.”

“Just forget it, we can start cleaning the vehicles with your jacket! But, is it your jacket our my jacket?”

"Just said that is it ours, since you gave this to me and I'm the one that wearing this."

And we laugh again. I don’t know exactly what is so funny, but since this night is still early to sleep, let’s just enjoy the journey.


As we reach the Salemba’s sidewalk, we began to think about, “Where is the shadow?”

Ah, we forgot that the sidewalk’s lamp is on the right side of us, so our shadow should be at our back. And we played a games about ‘Guess where is our shadow?’. And someone is following us and it turns to be a pedestrian that dodge us. Maybe he thinks that we’re crazy? And what is craziness anyway? Is it us or them that crazy? We don’t even know, since every reality and imagination in this big city was scattered and mixed up.

It’s not the first time we walked around every pedestrian sidewalk, to somewhere, or to search for something. But it’s been a pleasure to waste a tight time in Jakarta like this. People can be so busy and can’t think about anything but weariness. But for me and him, a clear night skies is just a good time for us to talk outside, not always over coffee. The clear sky guided us to every corner that’s good. And just like every walking tour that I spend with him, it’s always meaningful. It’s always been beautiful. I may ended up crying, or talking about some randomness and hypocrisy over my life, but the beginning of this stories was always good.

And in the cheap coffee shop that we finally reached, I asked a question, "Why do we still calm when we're going to be married next month?"

"It's just a marriage, right? And we will cherish all the surprises that we might find."

"Yeah, we will. We do."
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