Bonjour Francais! I'm just too obsessed with you!

Let me, let me, let meeee go to Franceeeeeeeeeeee!!!
Yeah, you should know that I WAS TOO OBSESSED WITH FRANCE!!

France, there's a lot of people in France, share their love, even if they are not a couple. Every people in France can share love with everybody, because they know that they live in a beautiful country with a lot of LOVE spread in the air!

There are many place and space that can make us imagine about everything, such as, Louvre Museum, Eiffel Tower (of course!), Notre-Dame, Arc de Triomphe in Paris, Chateau Josselin in Brittany, and vineyard in Burgundy!!!

France can make 60 million of tourist and travellers interested with it's geographical condition. Tourists from England will spend their holiday in Dordogne Valley, Spain peoples will spend their holiday in Biarritz and St Jean de Luz at Basque, and Ireland peoples will spend their holiday in Lourdez. France can grow the economical condition with the tourism and how much money that tourists have spend there...

And now, i'm too obsessed with France. I already looking for the scholarship to be applied at La Femis, the France state film school. :) Obsessed with movie developing, LOVE, hot chocolate in the fine afternoon under the Eiffel Tower (such a cool scene!), the classic building, absolutely in France. :)

Je t'aime Francais!!

Louvre Museums

Gargoyle Demon in Cathedral

Notre Dame Cathedral

Eiffel Tower

Arc de Trioumphe

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  1. Ouh, paris!!! Edensor right!!???

  2. bukan edensor.. ini kesenengan gw sendiri kok... gw lagi apply beasiswa ke la femis nih... Paris dooong!!! doain yah ndrowww, siapa tau gw lolos.. amin.. :)

  3. Amin..
    Goodluck, mau masuk lewat jalur beasiswa???
    jadi inget cita-cita waktu masih STM dulu, Swiss. Yeah, that's my dream.. :)

  4. om gw punya rumah di swiss, ntar kalo gw ada duit, mau mampir sana ah... amin.

  5. Nice to know you :)
    I am Renata. How's with ur scholarship? Do u get it?
    Hemm kalo boleh tau beasiswa apa yang kamu applied, S1 atau S2?

    Sorry kalo banyak nanya :)

  6. moi aussi. salutation de l'Indonésie