Endesbrey Endesbrey~

This post was made for an intermezzo. I’m trying to write a daily life story in English, just to develop my English language capability. I’m not so good with tenses, neither so good with speaking and listening. But, as long as I could learn something with the activity that I’m doing, I don’t mind. This could be fun. Learning by doing anything that I like.
Well, I don’t know when but it suddenly happens. When I’m talking about my marriage preparation with him-that-you-don’t-need-to-know-by-now, the idea about talking and writing in English pops out from our head. He said, “We need to cas-cis-cus in English from now on. So… Why don’t we try to be global?” Well, he explains it in a funny way and I began to think, “Why don’t we? Hmm. Okay. Oh-kay…”
 Since we work together in a multinational company, and work with the other peoples that use English in most of their activity, we need to think about that ‘cas-cis-cus’ activity. For your information, we work in a multinational company, with a native Indian CEO, American employee, European colleague, and etc. And there’s one circumstances that force us to talk in English, write in English, and even have an active conversation in English with different pronounciation-level of people. At first, I was jumpy and a bit afraid that my English was really bad (I don’t even know what is bad and good, or maybe even worse than bad that I could think of). But, when I’m trying to converse with these people, I’m still listening to them. Well, actually I’m trying so hard (especially if the speaker was an Indian! Hahaha.). Although I don’t really  understand all of their conversation, I still could swallow it up. Just eat their words and dissolved it later. Hahaha.
I’m just happy to do that. And now, in every situation, we try to talk in English. Maybe not so intense for now, but we try our best. We still want to be a global couple. Hehe. What if we have a chance to round the globe? We don’t know it, don’t we? And if there’s a chance to do that, we need to improve our ability in every language. Right now, English is enough. Maybe next time, we have to improve our Japanese, or maybe our Korean? Our Deutch, Germany, etc.
Well, as I said at the post opening, this post is an intermezzo. Because, I’m still learning (so did you), apologize for any wrong grammar, tenses, insignificance vocabulary, et cetera, et cetera.
Happy Sunday and happy reading! :D


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